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What are

“Bellows” can be translated as fuigo or jabara in Japanese. “Fuigo” is a tool that was used to blow air into kilns by blacksmiths long long ago. “Jabara” has various meanings, including the body of an accordion. In vacuum-related fields, cylindrical objects made of metal are pleated to demonstrate expansion/contraction properties, airtightness and spring properties. These are called “bellows.” In other words, “bellows” = “metal expansive pipes.”

Types of

Metal bellows are divided mainly into welded bellows (alternately welding the inner diameter and outer diameter of a thin metal washer to form a pleated tube) and formed bellows (pressure is applied to a thin metal pipe to form a pleated bellows tube), and both have distinctive characteristics.

Features of

Item Welded bellows Formed bellows
Expansion/contraction properties Large Small
Cost High Low

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