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IRIE KOKEN’s basic technology can be formed in its manufacturing of metal bellows. Particular focus is placed on the precision bellows field that requires high performance and the highest degree of confidence, and many are used in the vacuum field.

Features of metal bellows (What are bellows?

Main features of metal bellows are:

   “Expansion/contraction properties”
   “Spring properties”

By combining these features, metal bellows are used not only as expansion joints for piping but by taking advantage of their superior airtightness, they are also used for semiconductor, liquid crystal and vacuum equipment across a wide range of fields, such as accelerators, nuclear fusion, nuclear power, petrochemicals, railways, medicine, and construction.

Major examples of use

- “Expansion/contraction properties” + “Airtightness”

      Connection for fixed piping used for semiconductor-related equipment;
      Elevating and lowering seals; connection for containers and pumps;
      Absorption of heat shrinkage in air-conditioning used for indoor piping, etc.;
      Shaft seals of valves, etc.

- “Airtightness” + “Spring properties”

      Pressure switch seals, etc., using spring force;
      Couplings used between shafts;

Types of bellows

There are several types of bellows depending on differences in manufacturing methods and specification applications, and IRIE KOKEN handles the following three types.

Type Expansion/contraction
Airtightness Spring
Welded Soft
Formed Hard
Flexible × × ×
Type Bendability Washability Mixing of
foreign matter

Features may vary depending on the materials used and usage environment.

We respond to demand by concentrating our efforts on both standard products and
user specification products. If the usage conditions of the bellows meet the specifications of standard products, standard products advantageous in terms of delivery time and price are convenient.

Even when standard products cannot be used, we will make recommendations adopting optimum designs for various applications. Please feel free to consult us.

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