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Formed bellows

Formed bellowsis longer than welded bellows and various manufacturing methods have been devised.The most widely used is the mechanical roll forming method and bulge forming method by hydraulic pressure.

IRIE KOKEN uses its own original hydroforming method.


- These bellows are manufactured by forming work, so, the thread height can be freely changed.

- There are fewer manufacturing processes, so, mass production can be performed by dedicated machinery, etc., to offer uniform quality.

- Compared with welded bellows, manufacturing costs are low.

Technical information

What are bellows?

About bellows materials --- Explanation of representative materials used for bellows

How to use bellows (12) --- Bellows design precautions and handling precautions

Glossary of bellows terms

Standard formed bellows

Our lineup includes six types of formed bellows with a flange or fittings at both ends.

All can be used under the following pressure, temperature, and specific life conditions to obtain predetermined operating strokes.

The overall length of the bellows offered as standard products can be set as desired within a range that can meet the bellows performance as you request. Please feel free to ask us.

Standard formed bellows selection procedures

Standard product estimate request form

<Standard specifications>

Pressure conditions (Internal) vacuum  (External) atmospheric pressure
Temperature conditions Ordinary temperature (baking temp. max. 250°C)
Operating conditions Axial displacement only
Leak rate 1×10-9 Pa・m3/s or less(IF standard products only1×10-7Pa・m3/s or less)
Specification life 10,000 repetitions

Customized products

Even when standard products do not meet your specifications, we will make considerations on an individual basis. Please let us know your detailed specifications, when you have specific needs such as:

We will make recommendations adopting optimum designs for various applications. Please feel free to consult us.

User specification product estimate request form

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