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IRIE KOKEN is standardized in the VP series for vacuum piping (10 sizes) and the HP series for high-pressure piping (8 sizes) as easy-to-handle piping joints for NW-KF flanges that conform to ISO standards.


 Parts for vacuum piping (VP series)

- Requiring no bolts or nuts, they can be easily attached/detached by simply turning the screw nut after fitting the tapered portion inside the coupling to the tapered portion of the flange.

- The allowable heating temperature is up to 150°C.

- The He leak rate is 1×10-9Pa·m3/s or less.

 Parts for high-pressure piping (HP series)

- With respect to high-pressure piping specifications, the working pressure is 0.49MPa or less.

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Example of using piping

Example of using piping

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