Head office ISO9001 accredited

IRIE KOKEN CO., LTD. is committed to company-wide standardization through implementation of ISO9001 standards and requirements. We will achieve the standardization within this fiscal year and continue our efforts to “improve service quality” with the aim of further enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement based on the ISO philosophy.

 Quality policy
1) Aspiring to be a “small worldwide enterprise,” which is our management philosophy, we will implement: “cultivating excellent individuality,” “competing based on creditability and technology,” and “sharing the joy of creation.” In addition, we will meet customer requirements, including statutory and regulatory requirements by complying with the quality manual.

2) The following will be our “framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives”:

1. We will take customer requirements seriously, create products that increase our appeal (fan base) and provide services for enhancing customer satisfaction.
2. We will create unique engineering and manufacturing methods for making one and only technology.
3. We will cultivate excellent individuality and foster persons of character through work.
4. We will elaborate and execute corrective and preventive actions to become a trusted company free from complaints.

3) For enhancement of customer satisfaction and conformity with requirements, we will implement customer focus action items with the aim of stabilizing and improving quality and meeting needs (development, quality, cost, and delivery time) through prompt delivery and a prompt response system.

4) For continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, we will make voluntary improvements as necessary.

 Scope of products/service

1. Welded Bellows and Welded Bellows Applications
2. Formed Bellows and Formed Bellows Applications
3. Vacuum Valves and Vacuum chambers
4. Vacuum Components

 Other Sites within the Reg. Scope:

SHIKOKU PLANT        :4-1580-1 Izubuchi,Nakayama-cho,Iyo-shi,Ehime-pref.,Japan
UCHIKO PLANT          :1910 Kawanaka,Uchiko-cho,Kita-gun,Ehime-pref.,Japan
NAKAYAMA PLANT    :4-1580-1 Izubuchi,Nakayama-cho,Iyo-shi,Ehime-pref.,Japan
TECHNICAL CENTER:740-5 Shimoakasaka,Kawagoe-shi,Saitama-Pref.,Japan
OSAKA OFFICE          :Daido Seimei Minami-kan,1-2-11 Edobori,Nihsi-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka-Pref.,Japan

 Quality management system assessment and registration

ISO Registration Center of the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan
Initial registration date: Aug.1, 1999
Update date: Aug.1, 2020
Expiration date: Jul.31, 2023
Registration number: 99QR・191



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